What’s Today Again?

Oh. Yes, today is Friday. I almost forgot!
That’s the current state of my existence. Working from home can have that affect on a person. Each day can sometimes seem to merge into the next. I don’t mean that in a bad way, because I don’t. I am just trying to grasp my new routine. My new schedule, or lack there of. When you work for yourself, you tend to work on and off all the time. Morning sometimes, afternoons, evenings, weekends. It all blends. Basically I work when I want.

Who knows exactly what I mean?

So far I have figured out that I should never work in my PJ’s, but I am almost always with bare feet!

I also find that everyone thinks that when you work from home that you’re not actually working so they expect you’re always available to do their stuff or just hang out. Ummm… NO, I can’t always do that.

YES, I can be flexible and work around things because I do create my own schedule… but… what is that again? I don’t know… still trying to figure it all out? Any and all tips would be appreciated for those of you, like me, who work from home. What works for you? What doesn’t? Comment below.

By the way, writing this is me, procrastinating from actually doing some follow ups.. and, you know.. actual work! I also procrastinate by doing laundry, cleaning out a closet, dusting…checking my Facebook feed… my email… my dogs water bowl… I have to admit my house is pretty “on point” these days!

OK… back to the business of conducting business. .  (but first I better browse for a graphic to fit this post… )

Oh, and for those of you still stuck in the weekly office grind…    TGIF!!!

Yes, I think its time for me to hang it up for the afternoon as well.. all this procrastination has taken it’s toll! “Phew”