Classic Case of Jitters

I am having surgery tomorrow morning. One of those kinds of “women” surgeries we often face in our midlife. I have a good Doctor, and I will be at a good hospital, so I shouldn’t be worried, right??

Ha! Easier said than done for someone who has classic anxiety. I know, I know… I have kept myself so busy this past week that I have really not thought too much about it. Today I spent cleaning, and getting prepared. I just hope my surgeon had a nice relaxing, quiet weekend! Lot’s of rest, lost of studying my case.

This is my first moment actually sitting today to think about it… and…. there goes the mind. I wish I could have a glass of wine. Or a bottle…. but no food, or drinking wine is allowed. So I am left to over analyze and consider all the various ways things can go wrong. I am not proud, I am just being honest. I doubt I am the only one, right?

Anyway, I could use some good thoughts…. mostly to keep my mind out of the “what if’s” area….. it’s so unproductive. WHY do we do that to ourselves??

So, I suppose I will see you on the flip side. Unless something happens, then I won’t…. but I won’t even know! LOL  Otherwise I get to look forward to some R&R while my husband is forced to cook for a few days.

I should just go make some tacos, it’s more productive and less stressful ….. 🌮🌮

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