Life Happens Fast at 45


It seems I just turned 45 last week! But, as it stands I am in the fleeting weeks of being this phenomenal age. It’s like the baseball player running the bases. I’ve rounded 3rd and I just started sliding into “home”.. or in this case 46.

I don’t mind being this age. I actually like it, in fact. I am finally at a point of this human existence where I am older and wiser, but I will never be this young again, so I savor it. I can take what I have learned thus far and apply it to doing things better next time. Sure, there is always work to do on myself but, I am getting there. I have had almost 46 revolutions around the Sun to figure a lot of things out. But there is also still so much to learn.

Here are 45 things I have learned so far, or at least have a pretty decent grasp on. Others I am working to achieve mastery of, or in some cases to just accept.
1. I don’t care if you like me. I have to like me, and I do. 

2. I will always be OK. Up to this point, I have survived even my “worst day”.

3. Bread and sugar make me fat . Fat can make me thin… go figure?

4. Marriage is about a willingness to sacrifice for love, and doing the work.

5. Loved ones won’t always be there, so appreciate them.

6. Dogs make everything in my life better.

7. If there is one thing that stays constant it’s CHANGE. Don’t fear it. Embrace it.

8. Worrying isn’t productive and just causes me to loose sleep.

9. Grandkids are so much more fun than kids.

10. I realize now that I actually LIKE exercise.

11. I am not afraid to get older, it’s a privilege denied many.

12. Life is short. I try to make sure to laugh at at least one thing every day.

13. I have straight hair, deal with it! 

14. Music works better than Prozac for me. 

15. I love travel. I was born with Wanderlust. 

16. Drinking from straws can give me “smokers lines”.

17. I can not, will not, live without SPF of 50+.

18. Friendships are more precious than gold. 

19. It’s important to LET SHIT GO. 

20. Confidence is the sexiest thing I can wear next to a smile.

21. I am what I eat… so I eat wisely. Food is really “thy medicine”.

22. People are entitled to their own opinion. They don’t have to agree with mine.

23. Walk away from drama or the people who stir it up, it just isn’t worth it.

24. I love a smart man.  I find that the most attractive quality in my husband.

25. Life is too short to drink shitty wine, or eat bad chocolate. 

26. Meditation is hard for me. But, I try to do it anyway.

27. I can’t do pushups. It hurts my shoulder.

28. I listen to my instinct. It’s seldom, if ever, wrong.

29. I always know when someone lies to me. I might or might not call them on it.

30. I am stubborn. A classic Taurus, in every way.

31. I love New Mexican Food, and Albuquerque, NM. 

32. I am an Empath. It’s a good and bad thing.

33. Kids grow up quickly, and Grandchildren quicker.

34. I still can’t use super glue properly. It’s better that I don’t.

35. I am good at Physics, but not a Math-leate.

36. I don’t learn when I take notes.

37. I have an irrational fear of windmills, clowns and all rodents.

38. I am not afraid of snakes or spiders.

39. I don’t tan, I freckle. 

40. I don’t do bullshit very well. Zero patience for it, in fact. 

41. Dog’s feet smell like corn chips. 

42. I do what I love, it makes working less like “work”. 

43. Dancing makes everything better.

44. Asking for what I want is OK and not selfish.

45. It’s OK to say NO. 

I could go on… but this sums things up pretty nicely. I am looking forward to my 46th year! I am anticipating the the new experiences and hopefully will learn a thing or two. A year from now I can look back once more and reflect on the experience of being 46, and marvel at the personal growth I gain along the way.

Growth is better than just getting “old”.

So hang on, life went fast at 45… I can only imagine 46 will go even faster.

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