Venturing Into the Blogging Waters Again

The past few days have been full of melancholy for my old 360 days. It got me to thinking of all the lasting and genuine friendships I have created from that time. I remember those writing days as dangerous, exhilarating and terrifying all rolled into about 4 years or so when that site was alive and well.

Maybe it was the time in my life of personal growth? I had just hit the ripe age of 34. And as we know, our 30’s are when we start to figure some things out. Or maybe it was the new adventure of the online world and “meeting” people from all walks of life? It’s hard to say, and likely a combination of all things for me.  I still look back on that time with great fondness. Such an adventure!

So much has changed since those 360 days, most for the best.  I even have a new name. I am now “Mrs. Simon”.  I am pretty sure I have spent the last decade learning to accept and embrace change! It’s inevitable after all.  Now that I am in my mid 40’s I have a pretty good handle on who I am. And I can say for the most part I am very comfortable in my skin.


So here I am, venturing into brand new waters putting fingers to key strokes again. We will see where this takes me. I have always been a writer. Who knows, maybe I will eventually get around to publishing some of my poetry? I have gobs.. just sitting there waiting for the next step.

Writing is good therapy. I will keep this short, and see where this takes me.

Yes, I admit, this feels good.

It’s good to be back.

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